Avea Selects Schema's GSM Network Optimization Solution

Schema announces that it has signed a license agreement with Avea. Under the agreement, Avea will deploy Schema's GSM Fort?, a highly advanced automatic RF optimization solution, to optimize the planning of network frequencies in major cities in order to increase network capacity and improve quality of service. This deal, which marks the first phase in Schema's relationship with Avea, demonstrates the company's further expansion into Europe and continued deployment of GSM Fort? by major wireless operators worldwide.

GSM Fort? will help Avea improve user satisfaction and increase revenues from voice and data services, while curbing additional capital and operational expenses through increased capacity.

GSM Fort? is a user-friendly RF optimization product based on mobile measurements, the most accurate and reliable source of information for network modeling. GSM Fort? enables operators to improve and maintain top network performance while increasing user satisfaction. This is achieved by significantly improving voice and data quality, as well as network coverage and capacity. These improvements enable operators to utilize existing infrastructure and increase network revenue by avoiding unnecessary and costly investments, while reducing the overhead needed to manage voice and data services on GSM networks.

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