Major PC Manufacturers are Choosing Laplink PCmover

Major manufacturers are responding to customer demand for an automatic, easy to use migration solution to help them set up a new PC, and they are choosing PCmover to meet that demand.

PCmover is the only available software product for the upcoming back-to-school, fall and holiday seasons capable of moving not just files and settings, but also entire programs from an old PC to a new one. Other solutions, such as Windows' native FaST (Files and Settings Transfer), are limited to moving files and Windows operating system settings only, leaving new PC owners to struggle with a complicated reinstallation of their programs and program settings. With PCmover, every aspect of the old PC's functionality and "personality" are moved to the new PC. This transfer is effected without disturbing any of the existing content on both the new and old PCs.

Intel is among the manufacturers who have chosen to ease the transition to a new PC by promoting PCmover to its system builder channel in the U.S. Intel's system builder customers who purchase PCmover on the same invoice with Intel processors from Ingram Micro or Tech Data receive an instant rebate on PCmover.

Other major manufacturers are featuring PCmover on their PCs using other methods. Toshiba is bundling PCmover with Satellite notebooks sold through their direct North American channel. Sony has elected to include a direct purchasing link to PCmover from the Vaio security center that currently ships with all Sony Vaio PCs. Dell has added PCmover to its online software store, and is expected to add the popular migration product to its configurator in August 2006.

A recent Hebert study suggested that as many as 30% of people who have used PCmover when moving to a new PC would buy a new PC sooner if it were bundled with the software.

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