Inquisite's New Reporting Plug-In for Microsoft Office

Inquisite Inc. has announced the release of the Reporting Plug-in for Microsoft Office. The combined functionality of Microsoft Office and the Inquisite application unlocks critical business information, making it immediately available to the people who need it most. The familiar environment of Microsoft Office eliminates the need for learning complex new reporting applications, and dramatically speeds time to action. Business users now have instant access to critical customer and employee information, allowing them to make data-driven, high-impact decisions.

The Reporting Plug-in gives organizations the power to provide employees with the freedom and the ability to build comprehensive reports in PowerPoint and Excel, connecting business users at every level to critical information more efficiently.

Key features include:
- Customized Reporting
The Reporting Plug-in allows users to create rich, dynamic, and customizable reports, showing only the information they want, in a format that best suits their business needs. Users can create timely content within Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel applications, eliminating the traditional, and cumbersome, process of cutting and pasting data into reports and spreadsheets. Furthermore, the Reporting Plug-in supports an overall survey view that combines various reporting types such as cross-tabulation and frequency distribution.

- Simplified Report Creation
An easy-to-use wizard enables users to create powerful reports that automatically extract, organize, and summarize their existing Inquisite survey data. With its built-in ability to build sophisticated cross-tabs, charts, and presentations, the Reporting Plug-in allows business users to report and analyze their data using descriptive statistical analysis without having to become Excel power users.

- Built-in Automation
With a few clicks, business users can update an entire report with the latest survey data without having to restart the reporting process. They can set up reports in advance of survey completion and refine or add additional filters, as needed, while continuing to update the information.

- On-demand Access
The Reporting Plug-in connects business users at every level of the organization to critical information more efficiently. This comprehensive solution unlocks survey data making it accessible throughout the organization and enabling team members to collaborate more effectively by sharing data in a the most widely-used software format in the corporate world.

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