'SATAStar' PCI Host Adapter Supports MacOSX, Windows and Linux announces an update to the 'SATAStar' series PCI Host Adapter, in stock and ready to ship. Another first in a large upcoming line of SATA adapters and peripherals, the 'SATAStar' series brings its 6-Port Serial-ATA PCI Host Adapter - the world's most flexible and versatile SATA adapter - which provides an easy and affordable way to add inexpensive, high-speed storage and peripherals. With four external shielded eSATA ports and two internal SATA ports, each offering 1.5Gbits/sec performance, the 'SATAStar' 6-Port provides the high bandwidth to meet the needs of performance-hungry applications.

The new 'SATAStar' series 6-Port SATA PCI host adapter gives you the maximum ports available on one card, whether you need four external ports or two internal ports or any combination. All other vendors give you the option of either four external ports or internal ports, but the six port SATA card offers you all this in one card.

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