Chapura Software for Palm Treo 700p Smartphone is Released

Chapura has announced that seven of its Palm OS software products are ready to support the newly released Palm Treo 700p smartphone. Quality assurance testing and updates to several of the Chapura products ensure that this new generation of Palm smartphone customers can add Chapura productivity and security applications to their device, right out of the box. Most notably are industry-leading PocketMirror products-PocketMirror Professional XT and PocketMirror Standard XT-which Chapura has optimized to synchronize the extensive collection of fields that Palm has built into their customized PIM (personal information manager) applications with the corresponding Outlook fields.

The complete list of Chapura's Treo 700p-ready software includes:
- KeySuite - advanced Outlook synchronization plus Outlook companion applications for handheld
- PocketMirror Professional XT - advanced Outlook synchronization
- PocketMirror Standard XT - basic Outlook synchronization
- Call Log+ for Treo 700p & Treo 650 - advanced call log manager and Outlook Journal synchronization
- PocketCopy - copies data from the Palm Desktop into Outlook
- TurboPasswords - password manager and generator and online login assistant
- Pocket Favorites - Internet Explorer Favorites synchronization and mobile web launcher.

As the first Palm OS based Treo smartphone on EvDO, the Palm Treo 700p smartphone uses its fast data connection to speed email, messaging, large attachment downloads and web browsing. The speed also allows for streaming multimedia content, and the Treo 700p smartphone ships with Palm's first built-in streaming application. Treo 700p users also can take advantage of broadbandlike EvDO speeds on their laptop computers by using the new smartphone as a wireless modem via USB or Bluetooth wireless technology. By using SD memory cards, currently available with 2GB of storage (sold separately), in addition to the 128MB of built-in memory (60MB dedicated user storage), users have plenty of room to download and carry important documents and multimedia content.

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