Idera Unveils SQL Mobile Manager Version 2.3

Idera has announced the availability of SQL mobile manager version 2.3, a powerful remote management and administration solution for SQL Server environments. SQL mobile manager enables database administrators to securely monitor and manage their SQL Server infrastructures anytime, anywhere from a Windows Mobile Device such as a cell phone or a PDA.

SQL mobile manager enables database administrators to:
* Get immediate access to SQL Server performance metrics and alerts - Database Administrators can check the performance and availability of their SQL Server infrastructures at a glance and can be actively and instantly alerted to problems and outages.
* Respond more quickly to resolve database issues - Instant alerting of SQL Server issues - regardless of location - and powerful diagnostic and administration functions enable rapid response and remediation, dramatically reducing downtime.
* Reduce Support Costs - Proactive, rapid, remote response reduces the time spent on support activities and reduces the time and expense required for on-site visits.

SQL mobile manager provides a comprehensive set of performance metrics, diagnostics, alerts, management information and administrative actions including:
o Real-time and historical performance metrics such as users, processes, batches, transactions, CPU and memory utilization, network traffic and disk I/O
o SQL Server Agent and Job status
o SQL Server and operating system event log content
o Configurable alerts for items such as CPU utilization, database growth, paging, network traffic, long running jobs, failed jobs, blocking processes and stopped services
o Tuning guidelines for reducing bottlenecks and improving performance
o SQL Server hardware and software configuration
o Executing TSQL commands and batches
o Starting and stopping a job, agent or service and rebooting a server.

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