Intellext Releases Latest Version of Its Watson Search Tool

Intellext has announced the release of Watson 2.3, a next-generation search tool that turns search on its head by proactively finding and delivering relevant information to users. The latest version of Watson continues to improve the user experience with new usability features such as the addition of people and company content from Zoom Information, a Drag and Drop feature for easy information collection and Yahoo! Desktop Search integration.

As part of the deal, Watson recognizes when someone is looking at information about people and companies, and queries the ZoomInfo search engine for relevant results. Content from ZoomInfo is then delivered to the user in Watson's sidebar interface.

Another new addition to Watson 2.3 is the Drag and Drop feature, which simplifies the process of incorporating information that Watson finds into the user's work. Any result that Watson finds, whether a web page, email or desktop file, can be dragged from Watson's sidebar interface into the program the user is working on, then dropped for easy information collection.

Watson 2.3 also now supports and integrates with Yahoo Desktop Search, and includes several performance and stability improvements, such as the elimination of the need to reboot after installation.

Watson is an intelligent search tool that proactively finds and delivers relevant information to users. It works alongside web browsers and desktop productivity applications, understands the context of the documents a user is working on, and automatically finds relevant information from web search engines, news and shopping sites, blogs, the user's desktop and across the enterprise. Content is delivered to the user's desktop in a non-intrusive sidebar.

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