Forum Java Web Services Security Software Development Kit v1.0

Forum Systems has released the Forum Java Web Services Security (JWSS) Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.0 offering developers a comprehensive library of application programming interfaces (API's) to leverage in coding Web Services applications. The JWSS SDK v1.0 addresses the need for security to be enforced within the application itself in order to ensure privacy and integrity of Web Services and SOA applications.

Forum JWSS SDK v1.0 allows developers to administer and apply security policies within J2EE compliant Application Servers using a declarative security model and API's for XML message authentication and authorization. The Application Server is then responsible for applying these security constraints to the code at runtime. Adding XML security within business logic prevents transactions from bypassing third-party enforcement points that would violate regulatory compliance or work flow security. Companies should complement this developer-centric approach with an "interception" model using a SOA Gateway or XML Firewall within a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) for a global and scalable SOA security and acceleration strategy.

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