DBxtra 2005: Query and Reporting Software

Quanticus S.A. de C.V. announces the unveiling of DBxtra 2005, the newest version of a popular stand alone query and reporting tool for the Windows OS. DBxtra 2005 gives anyone a pain-free ability to connect to multiple databases or data sources simultaneously and, using its powerful query and filtering mechanisms, explore and achieve fine grained retrieval of data to answer business questions. Thanks to its refreshingly uncomplicated, point-and-click approach to building queries and reports, DBxtra can be used by end users totally inexperienced in programming and database management. This leads to increased productivity in the office as users don't have to wait for the IT staff to provide assistance in the extraction of vital information or creation of reports.

DBxtra enables you to connect to local and internet data sources based at different locations, thus creating a single access point to disperse data. These data sources may include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, FoxPro, Excel and any other database connected through ODBC. Once connected, you can build queries with powerful expressions and produce professional ad hoc reports in minutes. Web reports can be published to an intranet or web server. Reports can be either printed or exported into a variety of formats, such as HTML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, or PDF with the option to be merged into emails to be further sent to customers, suppliers and business contacts. DBxtra also enables easy creation of live digital OLAP dashboards with Excel pivot tables and charts. Additional convenience comes from the ability to schedule reports and alerts and have them executed automatically.

DBxtra Benefits for Customers:
- Cut days or even weeks designing and deploying ad hoc queries and reports;
- Convert Data to Knowledge and deliver business intelligence;
- Gain control over your business data, across all databases, locations and departments;
- Create ad hoc reports without programming with our user friendly reporting tool;
- Design and deploy live connected web reports in minutes;
- Implement immediately and avoid training costs;
- Automate your business process and reporting needs by scheduling your reports;
- Secure your sensitive information;
- Realize an exceptionally fast Return On Investment (ROI).

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