NewSoft Unveils Presto! Media@Home

NewSoft proudly announced that the digital home moved much closer to reality when it unveiled its latest version of Presto! Media@Home, at the 2006 International CES. Like the Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Presto! Media@Home offers a remote-capable, ten-foot interface for digital media and television tasks, combining computing and entertainment to offer a straightforward means of turning the home PC into a true home entertainment media center.

With a simple and intuitive operating interface, Presto! Media@Home enables users to watch both digital and analog TV, play DVDs, listen to music and radio, browse the Internet, view photo slideshows, as well as effortlessly watch and record video from a web cam, all on a PC or notebook via a remote control-based interface that does not require traditional navigation using a keyboard or mouse. Presto! Media@Home users can relax and enjoy their digital entertainment at home now, not only on their TVs or stereos, but right from their computers as well.

With the quick and easy installation of a capturing device, Presto! Media@Home users can receive radio broadcasting as well as both digital and analog TV programs from a single PC system and enjoy tremendous flexibility in their television viewing capabilities through a simple software switch. In addition, Presto! Media@Home also supports Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g technology, which can enable wireless TV functionality and allow the digital video sender to wirelessly broadcast Digital/Analog TV/AV to multiple PCs or notebooks. As a result, users have greater freedom to further edit or watch their favorite video programs from anywhere in their homes. Users can also simultaneously access the Internet through Media@Home's bridge function embedded in the digital video sender.

Presto! Media@Home is the ultimate in digital home entertainment solutions offering users the ability to schedule recordings of their favorite TV shows to hard disk. Presto! Media@Home also implements time-shifting technology giving users the freedom to pause live programming and continue at will. With the innovative functionality, users can take complete control of their TV viewing according to their schedule and lifestyle, making the most of the digital entertainment experience.

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