DTM Soft Releases DTM Migration Kit

Database migration is a process of moving data from one place to another. Sometimes it is as simple as copying database from one PC to another. Sometimes it's a time consuming operation that involves converting old database to a new format, uploading it to a new server and then testing it to make sure everything works correctly. There hardly is a database administrator who does not dread the database migration routine.

DTM Migration Kit is a simple solution that fully automates the process of data migration. All a database administrator has to do is to set the rules for data migration using program's wizard-like interface. The procedure has to be performed only once, after which it will be done automatically, including an option to do it at scheduled time intervals (integrated with Windows scheduling system).

DTM Migration Kit works with unified interfaces of ODBC and IDAPI as well as with Oracle Call Interface. It is capable of importing data from plain text, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Paradox files, DBF (dBase and FoxPro) files and exports data to plain text, RTF format (compatible with Microsoft Word), HTML, XML, as well as is capable of creating sets of SQL statements. Importantly, the export of large binary objects (also known as BLOBs) is supported as well.

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