Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006

Innovative Solutions announces the release of Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006, the newest version of the popular uninstaller software for Windows. Featuring a fast and accurate installation monitor, the application gives you the ability to completely uninstall a program, even if it has no uninstaller of its own. Over 20 extra tools help you optimize your PC for peak performance, reducing the need for hardware upgrades. With Advanced Uninstaller in place you can uninstall any application, optimize your registry, protect your Windows and Internet usage data from prying eyes, tune your computer's performance and keep it in its best shape.

Additions and Enhancements in Version 2006:

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006 builds on the success of its previous version which received a large amount of feedback from users and saw the highest customer adoption in 2005. In creating version 2006 the developers put emphasis on expanding the functionality with new tools requested by the program's users while also enhancing already available features. Customers will discover the installation monitor, a new feature which monitors software setups and keeps logs with the actions done by the setup procedures. When you decide you no longer need a program this tool uninstalls it, leaving no files and registry entries behind. You can also use the duplicate files tool which is designed to search your computer for duplicates and delete unnecessary file copies, freeing up disk space. Using the new ActiveX tool you can easily control ActiveX programs downloaded automatically by the web browser.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006 also shines with the radically enhanced registry cleaner, which now performs a deeper search for invalid entries. This means you will be able to find and repair more entries, thus making your computer be more stable and run even faster. Also the program introduces a new reporting facility, which provides the user with printed reports. The reports may contain the detailed list of all installed programs, services, startup applications, or the list of system fonts. The new scheduler feature can performs some system maintenance tasks automatically at the times you specify. The quick cleaner facility can now delete the history trails and logs for over 170 applications including Mozilla Firefox, the newest versions of Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, RealPlayer and many others.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO Benefits at a Glance:

- Completely remove any software you no longer need. The program contains the installation monitoring tool which can record all the details of a software setup. These records can be used later on to uninstall software without leaving files and registry entries behind.
- Improve your computer's stability and performance. The program enables you to search the entire Windows registry for errors or invalid entries and repair them safely, making backup copies. You can also defragment the registry. All this makes your operating system and applications run smoothly without crashes.
- Secure your computer usage data from nosy people. The program lets you wipe away your computer usage trails which include all the invisible history data stored by over 170 popular applications, by Windows itself and by your web browser.
- Protect yourself from advertisers and cyber criminals. The program allows you to examine and disable or completely remove any components which attach themselves to your web browser, including plugins, toolbars, ActiveX and BHO components. This helps you protect your privacy and prevents you from being bombarded by advertisements and popups.

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