Algor V19 Supports 64-Bit Windows and 32- and 64-bit Red Hat Linux

ALGOR, Inc. announced that its latest finite element analysis software release, ALGOR V19, features all-new expanded support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows and 32- and 64-bit Red Hat Linux operating systems for all analysis types.

V19 also features boundary layer meshing for accurately simulating flow around a fluid boundary and new results evaluation capabilities including export to the HOOPS Stream File (HSF) format for sharing visualization data with other engineering applications. These and many more new V19 features provide ALGOR users with increased power, flexibility and ease-of-use for simulating engineering analyses of their product designs.

ALGOR V19 also includes:
o CAD Support (Direct)
o Direct CAD/CAE data exchange with Rhinoceros
o Ability to run an analysis on a remote computer
o Improved tetrahedral-element meshing for fluid flow analysis
o Fluid Flow Analysis
o New equal-order segregate solver for transient and coupled fluid flow/heat transfer analyses for faster runtimes with less memory
o New loosely coupled fluid-structure interaction
o Ability to restart an analysis at an arbitrary step
o Heat Transfer Analysis
o Ability to consider fluid convections from a porous media analysis
o Linear Dynamic Analysis
o Ability to output power spectrum density at nodes
o Mechanical Event Simulation/Nonlinear Solver
o Support for all material models and element types in nonlinear modal analysis
o Superview Results Environment
o 2-D stress linearization for evaluating a design's compliance with industry standards such as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
o Ability to display fluid flow results during an analysis
o Non-time-dependent graphs.

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