Draxysoft Releases Wallpaper Sequencer 4.5

Wallpaper Sequencer is the most downloaded wallpaper manager on the Internet. The reasons for that are program's simplicity, straightforward interface, easy navigation and program's unique APS system. APS stands for Advanced Positioning System and processes wallpaper images so they get scaled-up correctly and never stretched or off-centered.

Wallpaper Sequencer works with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and supports all major image formats - BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, EMF, WMF, GIF, PSD, PDD, PCX, PCC, PSP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PGM, PBM, TGA, VST, ISB, VDA, WIN, RLA, RPF, CEL, PIC, ZIP. To make the task of creating wallpaper library easy, Wallpaper Sequencer comes in three different versions - Lite, Standard and Ultra.

Wallpaper Sequencer also supports Active Desktop and renders the Taskbar transparent on Windows 2000/XP. The other great features are options for transparent background for desktop icon text, completely hidden desktop icons, and support for the virtual desktops that come with Microsoft Power Toys for XP.

Wallpaper rotation can be done by pressing hotkeys, upon system startup or shutdown, or after a specified time period. If you have an old computer, Wallpaper Sequencer can automatically close itself after a wallpaper change to reduce memory usage.

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