CE .NET Mobile Computing Product Family

Psion Teklogix announced the launch of its 8530 Vehicle-Mount Computer, the latest generation of vehicle-mount products in the Psion Teklogix portfolio. Based on the Psion Teklogix 8525, the new 8530 delivers all of the same connectivity and expansion capabilities, but with a display ideally suited to vertical industries such as transportation and food that demand applications with expanded graphical interface capabilities.

The 8530 is based on Psion Teklogix' Advanced Intel XScale/ CE .NET platform, and includes a large full-screen interface measuring approximately 10.4 inches. This large screen enables users to take advantage of the powerful, on-screen virtual keyboard giving enhanced functionality in certain applications. The new large display is readable in sunlight and can be used with the 8525 peripherals and accessories. A separate full keyboard is also available as an option. The 8530's standards-based platform also allows application developers to easily create customized applications using Psion Teklogix' Mobile Devices Software Development Kits (SDK).

Built for use in the world's most rugged environments, such as warehouses, ports, manufacturing operations and yards, the Psion Teklogix 8530 is rugged enough to provide users with the maximum amount of uptime and productivity in almost any industrial situation. With an IP66 rating, the 8530 is protected against dust and sprays of water at temperatures as low as -4F (-20C). The 8530 can also withstand the substantial shock and vibration transferred from vehicles working in rugged indoor and outdoor applications.

The 8530 is the next evolution of Psion Teklogix' Windows-based family of vehicle-mount computers. When teamed with the recently updated 8525 Windows XP vehicle-mount computer, customers have the power to choose the mobile computing devices that best fits their needs. Further, the extended CE .NET device family that includes the 7530, 7535, WORKABOUT PRO, WORKABOUT PRO S and NETBOOK PRO hand-held computer give customers the capability to deploy their applications across multiple form factors with minimal development effort. The 8530, like all Psion Teklogix CE .NET devices, provides customers with Intel XScale processors, 802.11 technologies, WAN capabilities, Bluetooth, RFID and SNMP. The 8525 can be used in batch, WLAN or WWAN implementations.

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