Olvio IT, Inc. Releases PlusDock

Olvio IT, Inc. announced the release of an updated version of their docking suite for the .Net Framework. PlusDock passes all requirement tests for a docking library including modern docking windows, redockable panels and tab pages, tabbed MDI documents, floating windows and autohiding panels.

As the Windows applications become more and more complex the need for more screen real estate has increased more than ever. The developers are faced everyday with the request for user interface optimization and logical scree division and control groupping. PlusDock provides a professional answer to most of these problems by offering a solid and reliable docking system for applications running on the Microsoft .Net Framework. The version 3.0 brings new features to the already mature product. Features like tab position, advanced skin support, custom floating forms and smart client support are just a few of the improvements coming with version 3.0.

To mention just some of the features:

- Docking tool windows and document windows
- Tabbed MDI child windows
- Independent floating windows
- Autohiding panels
- Full designer support
- Layout persistance
- Windows XP and Office 2003 Theme support
- Skinnable appearance
- Advanced re-docking support
- Docking Restrictions
- Custom Floating Forms

The PlusDock library is designed to be integrated seemlesly with other Olvio IT products, like PlusSuite, the control library released by the company earlier this year.

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