'Blue Collar' Linux Enables Development for Industrial Applications

WinSystems has announced Blue Collar Linux for its -40 to +85C EPIC, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX single board computers (SBCs). "Blue Collar" Linux is WinSystems' implementation of GNU/Linux that provides customers a way to quickly embed Linux for industrial-based applications. Integrated with WinSystems' rugged x86-based products, it provides an excellent starting point for developing applications in machine control, instrumentation, COTS/military, machine-to-machine communications, transportation, pipeline, and homeland security.

WinSystems' embedded GNU/Linux systems include a web server, Telnet access, FTP, and serial terminal support. Our development kits include board specific drivers, documentation, cables and a quick start guide. Also a tutorial, located on the CD, includes a brief overview and a step-by-step procedure to recreate the sample operating system.

WinSystems offers many SBCs in different sizes and capabilities to meet the needs of the industrial market. From a compact 3.6" x 3.8" PC/104 bus 486DX to a 5.75" x 8.0" EBX-compatible high-performance Pentium III with integrated video and Ethernet controllers. They feature networking capability, multiple data storage choices, plus digital and analog I/O support and expansion options. These units fit space-sensitive and extended temperature requirements where most PC compatibles can't.

WinSystems' Linux-supported SBCs are (1) EBC-C3, a 733 MHz/1GHz Via C3 EBX board; (2) EPX-C3, a 733/1 GHz Via C3 EPIC board, (3) a EPX-GX, a 500 MHz AMD GX2-based EPIC board PPM-TX, (4) a 266 MHz PC/104-Plus module; (5) PPM-520, a 133 MHz AMD 520 PC/104-Plus module; (6) PCM-SC520, a 133 MHz PC/104 module, and (7) SAT-520Plus, a 133 MHz AMD 520 SBC with PC/104-Plus expansion.

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