DeltaView 3.0 and the DeltaView Customer Choice Program

Workshare has announced DeltaView 3.0. DeltaView 3.0 features Word Act on Changes from DeltaView redlines, more than 100 enhancements to document comparison quality and accuracy, and updated email and document management platform integrations. The Act on Changes feature, also now available in the Workshare Professional suite, has been the #1 feature request from current DeltaView users.

Workshare also announced the Workshare Customer Choice Program, a set of tools and resources to assist DeltaView 2.x customers in making their future plans for upgrading to DeltaView 3.0 or for migrating to the Workshare Professional 4.5 platform. In addition, Workshare introduced the Workshare Platform Migration Incentive, which provides up to 70 percent off of the list price of migrating from DeltaView to Workshare Professional.

Workshare Customer Choice Program
Workshare now offers three options for DeltaView 2.9 users:
1) Upgrade to DeltaView 3.0, available to customers under current maintenance agreements at no charge. The DeltaView 3.0 product line will not support future Microsoft Office and Operating Systems beyond Office 2003 and Windows XP. Its architecture and code base cannot be migrated to support modern technologies such as .NET, .XML and Unicode file formats and names.
2) Migrate at a cost to the integrated document integrity Workshare Professional 4.5 Platform, which provides not only Comparison, but also runs inside Word, has up to 10 times faster performance, full Unicode support, document security, change management and parallel review. In addition, Workshare Professional will support future Microsoft Office 12 file formats. (See "Workshare Updates Market Leading Solutions With Document 'Hygiene' Technology",
3) Supplement at a cost with the Workshare Compare Service, a server based, high performance document comparison engine built on Workshare's DeltaView technology. Workshare Compare Service is built to meet the needs of occasional comparison users for remote access and customer facing portals-where document comparisons are required. (See "Workshare Launches Compare Service",

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