Insightix Releases DID Collector Version 1.5

Insightix announced the release of DID Collector version 1.5. This latest version of DID Collector provides customers with expanded, out-of-the-box OS fingerprinting identification capabilities.

DID Collector is Insightix's core network discovery product. DID Collector provides enterprises with the ability to non-intrusively discover a complete and accurate inventory of all elements on a network along with their associated properties and map a precise and searchable network topology of the IT infrastructure. The information obtained by DID Collector provides complete visibility into all network environments, enabling enterprises to successfully complete a variety of critical IT projects, such as asset management, patch management and vulnerability management.

This version of DID Collector features expanded, out-of-the-box OS fingerprinting identification capabilities. The new version extends the market leading number of network elements that are discoverable by DID Collector. DID Collector is capable of automatically discovering operating systems, networking devices, storage elements, printers, VoIP devices, UPSs, IP KVMs, embedded devices and other elements. This version also improves the already quick infrastructure discovery times for identifying and mapping the IT infrastructure and its elements. DID Collector installs in less than an hour and provides complete infrastructure information within minutes.

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