Trlokom SpyWall Anti-Spyware Blocks Malicious ActiveX

Trlokom, Inc. announced that the latest release of SpyWall Anti-Spyware stops the execution of most malicious ActiveX controls. A malicious ActiveX control enables the hacker to steal personal information or install spyware/Trojans on the user's computer.

ActiveX controls are commonly used and are necessary for important functions like Windows update, but they also have significant potential to cause damage. Often the security level for ActiveX controls are reduced by users and that make their computers very vulnerable on the Web. A malicious ActiveX is almost like a Trojan horse and enables a hacker to gain access into users computer. It is very easy for a hacker to write a malicious ActiveX and distribute it over the Web. With the filter for malicious ActiveX, SpyWall is able to defend against them regardless of the security setting or user actions.

SpyWall keeps the PC free of resource-sucking adware and spyware and prevents malware from ever reaching the system by sandboxing the Web browser and preventing malicious Web sites from exploiting vulnerabilities. SpyWall is also able to block phishing attacks, detect almost all key loggers without using any signatures, control access to undesirable web sites, and perform web usage monitoring for individual users.

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