Half-Terabyte Nearline-Ready SATA Drives to the Channel

Seagate Technology announced the availability of its latest NL35 Series SATA disc drives to the worldwide distribution channel. With a half-terabyte (500GBs) of capacity, the latest NL35 Series SATA disc drive provides the bulk storage necessary for cost-effective nearline RAID storage in the enterprise. The NL35 Series SATA drives are optimized for tasks such as data management, backup/recovery and fixed content storage.

Seagate NL35 Series SATA disc drives are unique in the enterprise world, providing the reliability and integration benefits needed for nearline RAID applications like disc-to-disc backup, archive, and tiered storage.

These features include: Workload Management, Error Recovery Control, One-Step Microcode Download, and Write-Same technology. They work together to perform a range of tasks from monitoring and managing each drive for reliability optimization, to streamlining error recovery, to simplifying multi-drive field upgrades, and more. Seagate understands the importance of workload, reliability, and integration ease for serving the needs of modern IT professionals.

With both Fibre Channel and SATA interfaces, Seagate's RAID-friendly NL35 Series family is uniquely positioned to serve in the nearline and secondary storage space for Serial ATA (SATA), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Fibre Channel-based enterprise infrastructures. The NL35 Series Fibre Channel drive is optimized for use within networked Fibre Channel enterprise systems, while the NL35 Series SATA is the ideal solution for seamless integration within direct-attached environments using SATA or SAS. Only Seagate has fully addressed the varied and unique demands of both of these spaces and has the industry's broadest product line of disc drives for the enterprise.

The NL35 Series SATA is a solid nearline-ready drive that enables enterprises to meet their storage performance and capacity requirements by allowing the combination of SAS and SATA drives together within the same SAS infrastructure. Hundreds or thousands of NL35 Series SATA drives can be deployed and managed within a single SAS domain, enabling highly scalable, cost-effective storage solutions for capacity-intensive nearline applications. The applications for nearline storage include: disc to disc backup/storage recovery, virtual tape backup/storage recovery, fixed content-addressed storage for image and document management, and lower-tiered storage of regulatory compliance or other business data. Seagate's NL35 Series facilitates faster, more reliable backup/recovery for systems at lower overall cost versus traditional tape systems.

With 250GB, 400GB, and now 500GB capacities, the NL35 Series SATA disc drive delivers increased storage capacity density and lowers the cost-per-gigabyte for nearline and secondary storage applications. Using the industry's most rigorous nearline MTBF test-bed script and applications, Seagate's NL35 Series SATA meets the rigorous requirements of nearline workloads. The NL35 Series SATA drives also includes other advanced features such as 16 MB cache, and Native Command Queuing (NCQ). NL35 Series SATA drives at 500GBs also are offered with a 3.0Gb/sec SATA inferface.

Seagate's Tiered Storage Knowledge Center delivers expert advice on the best way to optimize storage infrastructures. With the cost, complexity and variety of storage on the rise, it's getting more difficult to design a storage model that can satisfy all the necessary storage requirements. Using the correct tiered storage solution can make all the difference. Seagate NL35 Series SATA and Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 SAS disc drives are an ideal combination for tiered storage.

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