Feature Packed Free Backup Software

Vembu Technologies has announced the release of a Free Edition of Vembu StoreGrid, the flexible and feature packed data backup software that simply works with your existing hardware. StoreGrid can enable Peer to Peer, Client-Server, and Remote Online Backups. An innovative concept, “Trusted Peer-to-Peer” backups are a unique feature in StoreGrid.

StoreGrid helps users back up data on their desktops and laptops on to free hard disk space on their peers’ machines. A group of ‘trusted peers’ simply need to install StoreGrid on their machines; the machines automatically discover each other to create a Storage Grid for backups. StoreGrid’s Free Edition is particularly relevant to home and Small Office Home Office (SoHo) users running small networks without elaborate backup infrastructure.

StoreGrid’s Free Edition backup software is currently available for Windows operating systems and is limited to 3 installations in a network. Other StoreGrid Editions however work on the Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD operating systems, and are perfect for disk to disk backups in client-server and remote backup configurations.

The Free Edition has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from any high end backup software. Features like continuous data protection, incremental backups, versioning, compression and encryption from StoreGrid’s Professional Edition have all been retained in the Free Edition. The main difference is in deployment – the Free Edition can be used on up to 3 computers within a network – unlike ‘StoreGrid Professional’ which can be used for P2P, client-server and online backups across any number of installations.

With its many features, multi-platform support and configuration flexibility, StoreGrid is also generating a lot of interest in the enterprise segment where backing up distributed data has often been ignored, especially in the context of increasingly mobile users. This is especially true amongst enterprise users who are increasingly realising that good enterprise software solutions needn’t necessarily cost more than their SMB / mid-market counterparts.

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