New Nexus M1000 Media Center Based on Intel Viiv Technology

The world of home entertainment is quickly evolving, with the convergence of TV, radio, digital recording, DVD, photos and Internet all in one easy-to-use media center. The Nexus M1000 Media Center, created by Portland-based electronics company Computer Technology Link, was released today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It features the new Intel Viiv technology platform, offering consumers the chance to enjoy digital media in a home theater environment at the touch of a remote control.

The Nexus M1000 can be plugged into a standard, widescreen plasma or LCD television, and can be navigated by keyboard and mouse, or remote control. When connected to a home network, consumers can even view photos, music, video, and more stored on other Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition PCs around the home.

Intel Viiv technology is comprised of a suite of Intel technologies that deliver the performance for high definition entertainment with powerful Intel dual core processors and support for up to 7.1 surround sound, connectivity for the latest online content, and CE-like features for a simplified experience with easier navigation of online services and the capability to instantly turn the PC on and off (after initial boot, when activated).

Features of the Nexus M1000 Media Center include:
* In Win uBTX Media Center Enclosure
* Intel D945GBO (uBTX) Main Board (Lead-Free)
* Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8GHz) Processor
* 2GB Kingston DDR2 Memory
* 2 x Seagate 300GB SATA Hard Drives
* Samsung DVD +/- RW
* ATI X1300P 256MB PCIx Video Card
* eVGA Nvidia Dual Analog Tuner
* ATI HD-Wonder ATSC HD Terrestrial Tuner
* SIIG 9-in-1 Card Reader + FDD
* Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Operating System
* Norton Anti-Virus 2006
* Intel Digital Home Starter Pack
* Microsoft MCE IR Keyboard
* Microsoft MCE IR Remote Control and Receiver
* CTL End-of-life disposal services included

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