Boost Regulator for WLEDs in LCD Backlighting Applications

Micrel Inc. launched the MIC3287, a 1.2MHz pulse width modulated boost-switching regulator optimized for driving series white LEDs. The new IC targets backlighting applications in mobile phones, PDAs, GPS systems, digital cameras, MP3 players and IP phones.

With a maximum output voltage of 24V and a switch current of over 350mA, the MIC3287 drives a string of four white LEDs in series, ensuring uniform brightness and eliminating several ballast resistors. The IC features 1.2MHz PWM operation for small output filter size, 250mV feedback for high efficiency and over-voltage and over-temperature protection for safety. The MIC3287 comes in low profile TSOT-5 and TSOT-6 packaging options as well as a 2.x 2 MLF 8L packaging for space-conscious applications.

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