Actual Tech.'s Database Driver for OS X

Actual Technologies, LLC, a visionary company focusing on Mac OS X success in the corporate enterprise, today announced the immediate availability of the Mac-first, Mac-only Actual ODBC Driver for Microsoft Access Databases. The driver allows a Mac user to retrieve data from Access databases with applications such as Excel and Filemaker, using queries to populate spreadsheets, charts, and graphs with live data.

The driver is the first commercially available, native Mac solution for connecting to Access databases. Unlike many competing products, the Actual ODBC Driver for Access does not require the use of a separate Windows machine to communicate with the Access database. Anyone familiar with setting up an ODBC connection on a Windows machine will feel at home with the configuration wizard, while Mac users will experience the native OS X interface and ease of use that they expect.

The driver can also be used to incorporate Access connectivity into third-party applications or even custom software written in REALbasic, Carbon, Cocoa or PHP.

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