LG Electronics Unveils Its Line of Flash RAM Products at CES 2006

LG Electronics unveiled its line of Flash RAM/USB Drives and memory cards at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With cutting-edge products, including fashionable Flash RAM USB drives and an assortment of Flash RAM memory cards suitable for any digital media, LG makes it easier than ever for users to store and transfer data across a variety of today's most popular digital devices. A collection from the line is on display this week at CES - Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

As the flagship product in LG's line-up of Flash RAM USB drives, the Platinum USB drive is compact, stylish and a great tool for anyone in need of an external storage device. With a capacity ranging from 64MB to 1GB, the Platinum has a read speed of 8MB per second and a write speed of 7MB per second - one of the fastest Flash RAM USB drives on the market. With a weight of only 12 grams, it is also one of the smallest. This fashionable USB drive also comes in its very own jewelry case that complements its design. For the person always losing the cap to their USB drive, LG now offers a Flash RAM USB drive featuring a retractable port. With no cap to lose, this USB drive is perfect for the business traveler delivering presentations, the busy mom with digital pictures to print, or a student transferring term papers from one computer to another. The retractable Flash RAM USB Drive features storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 2GB.

Style-conscious consumers will also love LG's new Wine Series Flash RAM USB drives that come in two elegant colors and feature storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 2GB. Designed in both red and white wine color palettes, these USB drives are stylish, elegant, yet practical, and make the perfect accessory for a user's technology wardrobe.

Complimenting its USB offering, LG's robust line of Compact Flash products have capacities of up to 4GB, read speeds of up to 15MB per second and write speeds of 14MB per second. For those interested in the latest (and smallest) technology, look no further than LG's Micro-SD flash cards. With storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 512MB, LG's line of Micro-SD Flash RAM memory cards are not only the smallest Flash memory cards on the market, but have a high enough capacity to handle the needs of today's tech-savvy user. As with all LG Flash RAM cards, they are constructed using a proprietary injection molding process, which prevents bending and keeps data secure. As an added data security measure, all LG cards are resistant to water, humidity and dust.

A small step-up in size from the Micro-SD is LG's Mini-SD Flash RAM memory card. Originally designed to help LG expand the memory of its cell phones without making them too large, the Mini-SD card is now a popular removable storage media option. Complete with SD adapter, this versatile card is and ideal for transferring MP3s and digital photos from your computer to your cell phone, and is a great substitute for anyone looking for a smaller alternative to an SD card. LG's Mini-SD Flash RAM memory cards feature storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 2GB.

Rounding out LG's line of Flash RAM memory cards is a series of high-capacity SD memory cards ranging from 512MB all the way up to 2GB. These cards have read speeds of 10MB per second, write speeds of 9.5MB per second and are an excellent choice for digital photographers, music enthusiasts or anybody in need of reliable digital storage.

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