PCI-1610AJU Serial Communication with Easier RJ-45 Wiring

The PCI-1610AJU has four RJ-45 connectors for RS-232 communication designed for applications that require many RJ-45 connections. The card's interface is a universal PCI for compatibility with old 3.3 volt as well as new 5 volt PCI BUS, and with a length of only 123 mm, the card is excellent for compact ATM installation.

Several customers use a RJ-45 to DB9 converters in their space-demanding ATM application. PCI-1610AJU is the first Advantech serial communication card to provide support for Microsoft Windows XP Embedded. This enables the creation of a customized XP embedded installation with optimized drivers on a solid state disk meaning improved reliability, vibration resistance, and more compact installation, as the HDD is no longer needed.

Although the card is designed for RJ-45 connector requirements, the card also comes with four RJ-45 connectors to DB9 cables. Four PCI-1610AJU cards can be used simultaneously to connect up to 16 devices. The universal PCI interface features plug & play for easy installation in both 3.3 and 5 volt PCI BUS. With Advantech's bundled ICOM Tools software and LEDs on the RJ-45 connectors, you can test the PCI card's performance by analyzing the status of the ports and then easily configure the settings on the card.

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