Storage Support Scalable to 128TB of Networks Forensics Storage

Solera Networks announces support for up to 128TBytes of network forensics stream-to-disk storage. The Solera DS series of Linux 2.6-based network packet capture appliances offer storage of captured network traffic. This data is managed as a first-in-first-out self-annotated on-disk cache. As such, the Solera DS appliances and DSFS File Systems provides an infinite storage architecture which allows network administrators a time-based view of stored network traffic. The time window of captured traffic is dependent on average network traffic rates and the quantity of attached storage.

Solera offers a 3U configured capture appliance, the DS 3000. This appliance has 6.4TB of in-chassis storage and Fibre Channel support for Solera managed external storage. This external storage is offered in two ways; Solera provides storage nodes (DS 4000) that are 3U configured 6.4TB storage boxes that can be attached to a Fibre Channel switch. Up to 20, DS 4000 storage nodes can be configured to a single DS 3000 giving over 128TB of captured data. Additionally, customers have the option of attaching storage supplied by others attached to the Fibre Channel switch. Both of these storage options are directly managed by the Solera Networks storage software of the DS 3000.

This attached network forensics storage is viewed to forensics and management applications as either time-indicated LIBPCAP files or through Solera's unique "virtual Ethernet devices". These two access methods provide a "no-API" interface to the captured network traffic. Additionally, time-based windows of captured traffic can be retransmitted or regenerated to external appliances or applications including both Linux and Windows-based applications.

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