INTERSAT's Virtual Reality Simulator

DigitalGlobe announced that its Brazil-based partner INTERSAT has introduced a new product, Virtual Reality Simulator. Designed to train airplane pilots, this flight simulator package relies on DigitalGlobe's high-resolution QuickBird satellite images for a three-dimensional visual perspective.

INTERSAT's Virtual Reality Simulator product has been available to commercial and government customers since August 2005. It integrates Leica Geosystems' ERDAS Imagine Virtual GIS with QuickBird satellite imagery to offer pilots the ability to train in a "real-world" scenario without sacrificing expensive equipment or putting pilots in danger.

QuickBird imagery, with its 60-centimeter resolution and high accuracy, provides realistic backdrops and close-up views that flight trainees find helpful for navigating flight paths and visualizing topography. Coming to life in 3-D perspective, the images clearly show such features as runways, airport structures, taxiways, roads and waterways. The imagery is overlaid with additional geographic information systems data that depict important elements of an airport's infrastructure or a complex flight path.

INTERSAT's Virtual Reality Simulator product has been developed with the integration of approximately 140 square kilometers of QuickBird imagery and a digital terrain model from Colombia.

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