FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0

FranklinCovey announces the launch of PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0, the company's latest release of planning software. PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 has a customizable user interface, FranklinCovey applications for the Palm OS, full category support, improved task organization and enhanced note-taking features.

As a stand-alone electronic planning system with the look and functionality of a paper planner, PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 is designed for a desktop, notebook, or Tablet PC user with the Windows XP operating system. The software incorporates a calendar, contacts, and task management with enhanced features for daily and weekly planning, note-taking, and organization using the same layout and functionality of the FranklinCovey paper planning system.

To increase mobility, Palm users can now synchronize and view FranklinCovey applications, such as Missions/Values, Weekly Compass, and Goals on their handheld devices. As in previous versions, PlanPlus for Windows XP also includes applications for Daily Tasks, Master Tasks, and Daily Record and conduits to synchronize appointments, contacts, notes, Tasks, and Daily Record. The software also offers synchronization to Microsoft Outlook.

The new customizable user interface of Version 5.0 allows users to customize the workspace to meet their needs by using the drag-and-drop feature to select, view and manipulate those modules which are most important to the user.

PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 offers full category support for assigning categories to tasks, appointments, and contacts. The software also offers improved task organization, including the ability to create recurring tasks. Version 5.0 offers expanded note capabilities. Users can now add objects, flags, and drawings to notes. As with version 4.0, users will be able to insert, move, and resize graphics as well as organize their notes with a tabbed filing system to keep notes and other information easily accessible. The new software allows greater import/export capability. Data can be imported from various types of files such as ink (Microsoft Journal), TIF and plain text (TXT), and export to ink, rich text (RTF) and plain text. Users of Franklin Planning Software versions 7.3 and later can now import their data to
PlanPlus for Windows XP.

PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 is based on the FranklinCovey Planning System and includes tools to help increase productivity by focusing on their key priorities. Weekly Planning and Goal Planning tools assist users in implementing planning methods as taught in FranklinCovey's FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities one-day workshop.

FranklinCovey Paper Planning System users will be able to take advantage of the printing capabilities of PlanPlus for Windows XP to print information, not only on plain paper, but also on various FranklinCovey Planning Pages sizes. Tablet PC users will have digital ink support for all areas of the planning system. These users can take notes in their own handwriting and convert it to standard text.

In addition to Plan Plus for Windows XP, FranklinCovey offers PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook 3.0 software for Outlook-centric users. The company partnered with Agilix Labs to develop both software applications.

System Requirements
* Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
* PC with 500 MHz or higher processor clock speed
* 512 MB RAM or higher recommended (256 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and features
* 100 MB available hard disk space
* CD-ROM or DVD drive
* Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003 required for local synchronization
* Palm OS 3.1 or higher required for synchronization with Palm OS handhelds
* Tablet PC device required to utilize digital ink and pen input features

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