WiJET.e - a Next Generation Wireless Multimedia Solution

Pegasus Wireless announced that the company will demonstrate its next generation wireless multimedia solution, WiJET.e, at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which begins on January 5th.

Owners of the WiJET.e can now wirelessly stream movies and music videos downloaded from the Internet as well as any DVD from their PC's DVD drive to the big screen of an LCD or Plasma Flat Panel TV, or through a Video Projector found in certain home entertainment systems. The WiJET.e uses wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.11g standard, and can be used with any 802.11g, Wi-Fi equipped computer. It also works with any display device with a VGA connection port.

As the newest addition to Pegasus Wireless's popular WiJET wireless presentation series of products, the WiJET.e is also loaded with all the rich advanced features of its predecessors, WiJET.G and WiJET.Video. It supports simultaneous wireless connection to multiple remote displays, simultaneous wireless connection to Internet and display, dual monitor function, direct user software download from the WiJET, resolution up to 2048 x 1536, PDA support, and the moderator function. It is also ideal for enterprise and education presentation uses.

The WiJET family of products is available through Pegasus Wireless or one of the company's partners listed on the corporate website, The WiJET.e will be available for retail customers by the end of March 2006.

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