SkipJam Announces iMedia XStream Storage System

SkipJam Corp. announced today the SkipJam iMedia X-Stream Storage System (XSS), a flexible Network Attached Storage device. The iMedia XSS lets home and small office users connect the massive storage required by today's demanding media applications.

In another industry first, SkipJam has combined multiple server technologies in a single unit: SMB, DLNA, UPnP and Windows Media Connect compatible servers. These server interfaces allow the widest variety of digital media devices to locate content on the XSS automatically and without any PC or user involvement. The XSS broad server support even includes support for Media Center Extender devices such as the Xbox 360, and others which had previously required a Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition personal computer.

The SkipJam XSS is also fully compatible with SkipJam's own iMedia line of digital media players and hubs, and is automatically recognized by all SkipJam iMedia devices. The SkipJam XSS automatically self configures, allowing multiple XSS units on the same network without worry of name conflict. The XSS appears as a network drive to all Windows and Macintosh PCs, and can be managed through an easy to use web interface which allows users to configure and manage the massive storage, even remotely.

SkipJam's configuration tools allow users to split the storage for internal backup of the data, or to automatically mirror between XSS units, so that one unit can back up the other. In either configuration the mirroring is done during low network traffic periods so as not to interfere with multimedia or business operational performance.

The SkipJam XSS includes automatic power management which spins down the unit's hard drives when not in use, increasing drive life and lowering power consumption. The XSS includes an "anticipatory" algorithm which allows the hard drives to spin back up in anticipation of user demand for maximum performance. This "heuristic" algorithm learns user habits and can for example spin up the drives at 8PM, anticipating prime time viewing.

A high power NAS Device, the SkipJam iMedia XSS includes:
* 1 to 6 drive Raid 0-5 configurable disk array with up to 3 hot-swappable drives
* AMD Duron processor
* 512MB of RAM,
* 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
* Linux 2.4.30 operating system
* SkipJam X-Stream Server Pack
* SkipJam X-Stream Server Management Software
* SkipJam iMedia Management and Tagging Software
* SkipJam Browser Interface
* 430 Watt low noise power supply
* Compact form factor suitable for home or small office use

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