New Technology to Supercharge Home Entertainment Networks

A new communications architecture from ASTER Wireless delivers high-quality audio and video transmissions while linking to current Wi-Fi devices, providing a total wireless network solution for the home.

ASTER Wireless Air-Media architecture is a patent-pending, multimode technology that employs the new IEEE standard 802.15.3b for entertainment signals, in such a way that it can simultaneously talk to Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 family) devices for data transmissions. In addition, ASTER's multimode architecture employs a platform that can be applied to different physical-media devices, both wired and wireles.

ASTER Air-Media-connected products will use a time-deterministic protocol that provides the quality of service needed for entertainment applications. The multimode ASTER Wireless technology is also compatible with other time-based protocols such as IEEE 1394, Home Plug, USB and Bluetooth. The 802.15.3b standard on which it's based was approved last month by IEEE.

The Air-Media controller will communicate directly with current Wi-Fi products without requiring any changes. The data can be sent in the mode that is most compatible with the user's needs, and the range for both modes is the same.

The ASTER Wireless Air-Media solution is scalable, so it can handle portable devices and support advanced power management. In the future, it will be compatible with very high-speed digital (gigabit/second) links.

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