GemStone Facets 3.0.1 is Released

GemStone Systems, Inc., a leading data services infrastructure software company, announced the availability of GemStone Facets 3.0.1, a next-generation transactional Java Persistent Store built on object database technology. The new offering enhances the capabilities of the Java virtual machine to provide transparent native object persistence, dramatically reducing the costs and performance penalties associated with managing data complexity.

GemStone Facets provides simple, powerful and transparent Java object persistence to applications without the need for costly development and deployment time resources dedicated to mapping Java objects to relational databases. The elimination of the development and maintenance costs of an O/R mapping framework provides for faster time to market and reduces the overall costs of building and maintaining Java applications.

GemStone Facets is especially useful when dealing with a high degree of data complexity. By using GemStone Facets, there is no need for complex queries joining dozens of tables and this substantially improves the performance characteristics of the applications. The developer works with the natural object model of the application's domain.

GemStone Facets 3.0.1 enhances the following areas to enable customers with integration capabilities for leading application servers while increasing the performance and scalability of their mission-critical applications:

Seamless integration with J2EE application servers:
- GemStone Facets includes a shared memory cache providing faster access to frequently accessed live Java instances.
- Allows for sharing more information at faster speeds between clustered J2EE servers.

GemStone Facets improves reliability:
- GemStone Facets enhances fault tolerance for system processes.
- Provides automatic hot failover to backup system.

Enhanced system administration and performance:
- Multithreaded online garbage collection automatically removes dereferenced persistent objects without needing to stop the system.
- Supports unlimited user sessions per virtual machine.
- New system audit and repair capability make the system easier to manage.
- Improved features for system monitoring and performance tuning.

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