BorderWare Protects Customers from WMF Malicious Attacks

BorderWare Technologies Inc. announced that its platform technology protects against Microsoft Windows Meta File (WMF) malicious attacks. Microsoft became aware of public reports of malicious attacks of some customers involving a previously unknown security vulnerability in the WMF code area in the Windows platform. Microsoft is developing a security update for the vulnerability targeted to be released on Tuesday, January 10, 2006.

The BorderWare Security Platform provides an architecture that solves the problem of converging applications and threats. This platform provides a single integrated security solution that is based on BorderWare's secure operating system and eleven year history of building comprehensive, application-specific security solutions. By combining threat intelligence from multiple applications via a shared common operating system, the BorderWare Security Platform provides a cohesive framework to secure networks against the WMF vulnerability and other blended attacks that cross multiple protocols.

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