A New Version of Print Director for Oracle XML Publisher

Unitask Inc., has announced a new version of Print Director that integrates with Oracle XML Publisher. Print Director eliminates the need for organizations to spend time and resources setting up printers in either Oracle or UNIX. In addition, with its "install once, print anywhere" functionality, Print Director instantly enables users to print Oracle E-Business Suite reports or printouts to any desktop or network printer.

Oracle XML Publisher, which was recently introduced in version 11.5.10 of the Oracle E-Business Suite, enables organizations to create myriad custom reports such as tax forms, invoices, checks, contracts, marketing material, and financial reports with data extracted from the Oracle E-Business Suite. With the integration between the XML Publisher and Print Director, users can direct those reports to any printer, whether the printer is on the desktop or attached to the network.

Print Director's ability to simplify printer management provides organizations with many benefits such as:

- Reducing administrative workload by eliminating the need to setup and manage printers in the Oracle E-Business Suite or UNIX
- Enhancing the security of printed information by enabling confidential documents to be printed at printers located much closer to the requesting user
- Increasing user satisfaction by enabling user to print Oracle reports as easily as they print Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
- Supporting remote and traveling users by enabling them to print Oracle reports to any printer including their home printer
- Leveraging existing printer investment by enabling users to print Oracle reports to any printer in the organization

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