Always-On Active Protection from Spyware and Adware Threats

TrekEight, LLC announced SpywareNuker XT, its fourth-generation anti-spyware software, now featuring Active Protection. Previously available only in TrekEight’s professional-level INAC line, the latest iteration of the SpywareNuker series brings this critical protection to the home desktop user.

SpywareNuker XT offers “always-on” protection at the kernel level. This means that it works to prevent the infection from ever occurring in the first place. Of course, previous infections can still be easily detected, cleaned and repaired by SpywareNuker XT.

About spyware and adware:
Though usually used for marketing purposes, (such as tracking the websites you visit and the items that you buy online and then directing advertisements to you), spyware can have the capability to record your credit card number, personal identification numbers, and all of your passwords. Recent studies have claimed that as many as 9 out of every 10 PC's contains installed adware or spyware of some kind.

SpywareNuker allows users who think they might be infected with spyware or adware to check their computer free of charge by visiting programs and applications are listed with a brief description of functionality, and users are given the option of utilizing the SpywareNuker XT program to assist in removing the program(s) if the users are not comfortable doing so themselves. Additionally, for a limited time, purchasers of SpywareNuker XT will be given a free copy of INAC Identity Defender, our leading anti-phishing software designed to keep users safe from the “phishing”schemes that are becoming increasingly prevalent.

SpywareNuker XT is part of the Nuker line of desktop security programs, including ErrorNuker Registry Cleaner, EvidenceNuker Privacy Program, and the upcoming HackerNuker Software Firewall.

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