TheGreenBow VPN Client Compatibility

Nucleonet Security Appliances has announced Ultima product line IPsec compatibility with TheGreenBow VPN client for Windows. Nucleonet Ultima appliance is providing two different ciphering level, the first one with MPPE RC4 at Ethernet layer and the second at the IP layer with IPsec. IPsec ciphering on the local area network is a must to avoid traffic eavesdropping but requires most of the time a client to simplify the configuration. TheGreenBow VPN client is a really simple and efficient client allowing IPsec connectivity for remote access and now for internal network security.

By combining configuration storage on USB flash memory of TheGreenBow VPN client and Ultima network connection, your internal network is really secured against unsolicited users and traffic analysis. IP traffic is only authorized to pass the Ultima appliance when both Ultima session is established and IPsec USB key is plugged to the client computer with appropriate configuration. Unplugging the USB key automatically stops any IP communication with the internal network, protecting computer from any flaw, virus, worm or attack.

Even running IPsec phase one authentication with pre-shared key is protected since the tunnel through Ultima should be established first, thus enforcing IPsec security; usage of X.509 certificate is also possible providing another level of security through authentication of the IP user.

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