software Announces ECM Commitment to Office '12'

SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. at the Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in L.A., announced that the next version of their product (code-name "BlackPearl") will integrate and leverage the next release of Microsoft Office products and technologies, code-named Office "12". BlackPearl is scheduled for general availability by late 2006.

The next release of Microsoft Office has announced ECM as a core area of emphasis. Helping users to easily work together to consume and publish content as well as manage it through it's life cycle are key ECM design goals. To facilitate this, Office "12" is building on the new Windows Workflow Foundation whereby workflows pertaining to documents, tasks, issues, events and many other types of collaborative content will be provided out-of-the-box to help enable an effective document and content approval process. BlackPearl will help customers rapidly extend beyond the document-focused workflows as part of a much broader business process management solution that will scale and address the enterprise complexities involved.

For instance, BlackPearl will introduce new concepts such as presence-based tasking for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 customers. This feature will enable to detect online presence of users participating in a document workflow within Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and route work to them based on real-time availability and alternatively rerouting work based on escalation path options built within From helping to automate the collection, approval and organization of content based on a series of predetermined business rules and giving visibility into where the content is in the process to delivering enterprise host, tracking and audit trails, BlackPearl will deliver process management across the entire content life cycle. 2003 currently offers several workflow features for customers with Office 2003 investments. These include rich support for the SharePoint products and technologies event model, workflow within SharePoint to include workflow for typical document life cycle scenarios, automation of web and InfoPath based forms as well as seamless task integration with SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and mobile devices. With the introduction of Office "12", the foundation has been laid for a significantly enhanced user experience with respect to process automation. In particular within the mainstream Office applications will allow to provide a much richer user experience around process management within Office.

The expansion of ECM capabilities within Office "12", will make it even easier for future releases to integrate process with a rich set of server based Office system APIs. This powerful combination will be a compelling driver for adoption of pervasive process automation within organizations.

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