Breakthrough Real-Time Vulnerability Solution

Determina Inc. announced the launch of its Vulnerability Protection Suite at DEMOfall 2005, a groundbreaking approach to offering customers real-time protection from the threat of software vulnerabilities. Based on eight years of research at MIT, the suite consists of Determina's patent-pending Memory Firewall, and a new product, LiveShield, that offers customers precise vulnerability protection in real-time.

Determina's proactive approach addresses the root of the security problem - software vulnerabilities. Both directed (hacker) and mass worm threats take advantage of vulnerabilities to attack systems, install malware, and compromise systems and valuable corporate data. The software patches that could protect businesses from such attacks require that IT systems be updated and rebooted in unplanned patch windows, resulting in significant disruption to business operations. As a result, security teams have to balance two competing pressures every day - bringing systems down to update protection, or maintaining critical uptime for 24x7 operations and risk being compromised.

Today's hacker community is savvy, and companies can't keep up with the increased activity around vulnerability disclosure while trying to deploy patches across their enterprise systems. According to Yankee Group, the average delay for U.S. companies to deploy patches is 63 days, while the window of time it takes for a vulnerability to be exploited is narrowing.

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