Fortify Software Releases Fortify Security Tester

Fortify Software announced the general availability of Fortify Security Tester for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, a powerful security plug-in that gives software testers the solution they need to execute fully integrated, comprehensive security testing for web applications. Based on market-leading technology from Fortify Software, Fortify Security Tester provides unique "white box" security testing that enables quality assurance (QA) and testing professionals to simulate hacker attacks and pinpoint the root cause of security vulnerabilities - before the software is shipped or deployed.

Fortify Security Tester incorporates security testing into standard quality assurance test processes. Application security testing has typically been under the purview of security specialists outside of the development organization. Fortify Security Tester extends powerful security testing to QA professionals by leveraging the power of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Full integration with the Microsoft platform delivers a number of critical features including the ability to automatically reuse functional tests as security tests, a comprehensive test management system that provides a single repository for tests and fully integrated graphical interface and reporting capabilities.

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