Industry's First Cartridge-Based Ink Jet Printing System

Dimatix introduced its cartridge-based Dimatix Materials Printer system, the world's first complete, low-cost solution for high-precision jetting of functional fluids - including nano-particle-based metallic and organic materials - on any type of surface, including plastic, metal sheets, silicon and paper.

The groundbreaking "fill your own cartridge" concept together with a complete print system offers an extremely low cost of ownership. The turnkey system is an easy to use tool for corporations and research institutes to quickly develop and test processes and prototypes, as well as conduct low-volume manufacturing of a broad range of products - from flexible circuits, RFID tags and displays to DNA arrays, optical lenses and wearable electronics.

The high-performance, precision system is capable of depositing 10 picoliter size micro-droplets of fluid for printing feature sizes or line widths as small as 50 microns. The system includes Dimatix's DMP-2800 series printer, DMC-11610 cartridges that customers can fill with any type of jettable fluid, and user-friendly PC-based software. Together, the printer, cartridges and software provide a turnkey system that enables customers to develop new materials and products, bringing them to market faster, more simply and at a significantly lower cost.

The patented DMP-2800 series enables users to jet complex patterns to create desired shapes, layers or even products by printing their own fluids onto any substrate up to five centimeters in thickness. By directly printing on their substrates, customers can rapidly develop prototypes and keep process technology in-house. The user-friendly cartridge system allows customers to perform print and deposition functions without having to become fluid jet experts.

Initial products in the DMP-2800 series include the DMP-2811 printer (with dropwatch and heated platen), DMP-2831 printer (with dropwatch, heated theta platen and fiducial camera), and the DMC-11610 cartridge (10 picoliters, 16 nozzles). At 26 inches (673 mm) wide, 23 inches (584 mm) deep and 16 inches (419 mm) high, the printer is small enough to fit on a bench top.

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