Migrating From Windows to Linux

Versora and Linspire, Inc. announced the release of Versora's Progression Desktop for Linspire. This easy-to-use migration tool allows users to transfer e-mail, files and settings from their Windows machine to a Linux machine, moving critical data, application settings, e-mail, calendar entries, contact lists, desktop settings and directory structures via a "Click-Next-Next-Finished" interface.

Using Versora Progression Desktop makes setting up a Linux computer easy. Information from Windows XP programs such as Microsoft Outlook are moved to the equivalent Linux application (such as Mozilla's Thunderbird or Evolution). Similarly, it will migrate a user's settings from Internet Explorer to the Firefox Internet browser, Microsoft Word files to, or Instant Messenger buddy lists to the Linux IM client Gaim. For a full list of migration applications and their Linux equivalents, go to

Once the Versora software is installed on Windows, it walks the user through simple steps to create the migration file. Once the Versora software is loaded on Linspire and the migration file is saved, the files and settings are automatically integrated into the corresponding programs, which are selected by the user.

Versora Progression Desktop Features
* Windows-to-Linspire automated migration of data, system and application settings
* Easy-to-use "Click-Next-Next-Finished" interface
* Migrate e-mail, contacts and calendar entries from Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express to Evolution, KMail, Mozilla or Thunderbird
* Migrate wallpaper, screen saver, keyboard settings, mouse settings and sound settings
* Migrate AOL Instant Messenger lists and settings to Gaim or Kopete
* Migrate Microsoft Office files and settings to
* Migrate Microsoft Internet Explorer bookmarks, history and settings to Mozilla, Firefox or Konqueror
* Migrate any or all files or folders mapped to any location

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