Industry's Smallest PCL 2 PDF Files

Page Technology Marketing, Inc. released PCLTool SDK v8.10, which includes significant performance enhancements and features. The SDK now offers compression capabilities of JBIG2 Raster PDFs and .Net DLLs for applications that require threadsafe and managed code. PCLTool SDK is the most comprehensive set of HP PCL print stream transformation tools available.

PageTech's PCL 2 PDF conversion with embedded JBIG2 raster data raises the bar for producers of print stream transformation tools. JBIG2 is a new, symbol-based compression standard for black-and-white (bitonal) images. Most JBIG2 documents start with an image of a page that has been scanned or generated from a raster driver. The entire image is treated as a single raster object instead of, for example, a small raster object of a logo. The rest of the page is treated as text. Because most print streams contain download, bitmap fonts, PageTech creates a table for the raster data of each character. The technology takes advantage of this new compression method by storing that raster data only once, and referring to it whenever that character appears in the document.

JBIG2 Benefits
* Compresses data up to 70% smaller than TIFF Group 4 compression.
* Delivers lossless compression which results in perfect, image quality, unlike JPEG compression.
* Creates the smallest possible PDF documents from PCL print streams.

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