Panda Software Forewarns on Sober

The recent Sober.AH epidemic could actually be part of a neo-Nazi strategy to saturate mailboxes worldwide with pro-Nazi spam. According to data from PandaLabs, this worm is designed to connect to numerous servers between the 5th and 6th of January 2006. This could enable it, among other actions, to download a malicious file which could turn computers infected by Sober.AH into zombies, spreading 'political' spam.

The theory behind this possible attack is based on events associated with previous versions of Sober. In June 2004, Sober.H sent emails to thousands of users - mainly German and Dutch - with content such as "what Germany needs is German children, " or other racist messages. This attack was related to the following day's elections for the European Parliament.

There could still be a considerable number of computers infected by Sober.AH. This worm, towards the end of November 2005, caused an Orange Virus Alert due to the number of incidents reported around the world. Even today, it is still one of the viruses most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan, which underlines the fact that it is still widely distributed.

To prevent a possible attack from Sober.AH, it must be removed from all infected computers. People should be suspicious, especially where there are computers without sufficient antivirus protection, or where the protection is not updated.

Panda Software has made free tools available to all users to eliminate Sober.AH from infected computers, including the PQREMOVE utility. This tool can be downloaded from

In addition, to disinfect computers immediately, Panda Software offers users the Panda ActiveScan online anti-malware solution free at

TruPrevent detection technologies detect and eliminate Sober.AH with no need for previous updates, so computers with these technologies have been protected from the moment the worm appeared.

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