Mediasite EX Rich Media Server Software by Sonic Foundry

Sonic Foundry Inc. announced Mediasite EX Rich Media Server software, the latest addition to its award-winning suite of Mediasite rich media Web communications solutions. The EX Server software offers organizations a powerful way to centrally store, secure, manage and monitor their rich media assets so they can be accessed and leveraged across large enterprises.

Large organizations, like university campuses, healthcare networks and corporate entities today need a more reliable way to manage, archive and secure their growing rich media content. EX Server software is designed to leverage enterprise investments in existing network infrastructures and provide the foundation for a scalable enterprise-wide deployment. EX Server accommodates the growing volume of rich media content that has become a requisite part of innovative organizations' successful communication strategies.

Sonic Foundry's Mediasite Server software serves as the heart of a rich media communications strategy. As a full-scale enterprise-class solution, the new EX Server software powers multiple Mediasite systems that are capturing hundreds or even thousands of hours of rich media content. Organizations can easily scale their Mediasite Web communications platform to support multiple unique entities across their organization or campus without requiring additional server hardware, all from one centralized server platform.

The new EX Server software provides:
* Security: Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP-compatible directory integration
* Data Management: Support for Microsoft SQL Server
* Continuity: Ability to deploy Mediasite Servers in a cluster-enabled environment for redundancy and failover
* Scalability: Multi-site installation support for up to 20 Mediasite Server software installations on a single server machine
* Accessibility: Closed captioning support for video in the Mediasite Viewer; screen reader-enabled alternate text for presentation content; screen reader-enabled slide lists for content navigation; larger video size (320x240)

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