VGA and DVI-I Port Companion for Digital TV and LCD Monitors

California Micro Devices announced the CM2006, a highly integrated Application Specific Integrated Passive (ASIP) device that provides the industry's first complete interface solution for VGA and DVI-I ports for digital consumer electronics and PC peripheral applications such as digital TVs and LCD monitors.

By replacing 22 analog and passive components with a single, compact device, the CM2006 offers designers a simple, reliable, space saving and cost effective alternative to discrete implementations. The device provides space savings up to 55 percent and solution cost savings of 33 percent while improving ESD performance.

The new CM2006 expands the served market of this family to include PC peripheral and digital consumer electronics applications such as LCD monitors and digital TVs with VGA and/or DVI-I outputs. The CM2006 provides 8kV of electrostatic discharge protection as well as backdrive protection for all 7 data lines. In addition, the CM2006 integrates Schmitt-triggered buffers for the SYNC signals and level shifting NFETs for the DDC lines.

The CM2006 is placed between the video graphics controller of an LCD monitor or digital TV, and the analog video output (VGA or DVI-I connector). The CM2006 integrates several critical functions that are typically implemented using many discrete analog and passive devices:

- Robust ESD protection on all 7 VGA signals per IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 (+/-8kV contact, +/-15kV air discharge);
- Very low capacitive load from ESD protection diodes on VIDEO lines, 3pF maximum;
- Backdrive protection on all lines;
- Schmitt triggered, non-inverting input buffers for HSYNC and VSYNC lines;
- Integrated bidirectional level shifting N-channel FETs for DDC Clock and Data;
- VESA VSIS Version 1 Revision 2 compatible interface.

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