Research and Markets Presents Utility Computing

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Can Utility Computing Future Promises Deliver Value Today to their offering. This report analyses the findings of a nationwide survey conducted by market intelligence into the future of Utility Computing, an emerging phenomena driving a paradigm shift in IT.

In the extensive survey, we have found that 66% of executives prefer to pay for computing resources on a pay-as-you go basis. One of the main advantages of Utility Computing lies in the fact that the customer pays for computing power and software only when they need it.

Utility Computing is a growing trend which can help increase server and storage utilisation and in turn generate significant cost savings on hardware purchases. In this report, we examine the Utility Computing model and identify the stepping stones to deliver cost savings and business value for organisations today and in the future.

Key benefits of the Utility Computing approach include average server storage at only 25% of total capacity. It also helps organisations maximise existing server and storage capacity, and we have discovered that Utility Computing can deliver significant cost savings in reducing hardware spend by up to 40%.

Utility Computing allows system administrators scale technology infrastructure to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment. Excess resources can be redeployed to business processes which require them, without negatively impacting on the overall business. Also it allows the customer to make a smaller capital commitment thus reducing the risk involved.

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