2 Terabyte Internal Storage Solution for G5 Dual/Quad Core

Trans Intl. announced the immediate, worldwide availability of SwiftData200R. This new version of the popular Swiftdata 200R is engineered to give Dual and Quad-core Macintosh G5 users over 2 terabytes of internal SATA storage.

Through innovative engineering the SwiftData200R neatly fits an additional 3 drives inside a Macintosh G5 Dual and Quad-core computer. Combined with the two drives already in the Macintosh G5's SATA internal drive bay - that's a total of 5 internal hard disk drives. This will give the user over 2 Terabytes of storage - enough for over 140 hours of uncompressed DV video - for audio professionals, this translates to over 3000 hours of stereo PCM audio.

These drives can be used as RAID Type 0, 1, 5, 10 or JBOD. One free PCI express slot is required for the SATA PCI express RAID card to control the additional drives.

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