New Evaluation Board for Philips LPC2103 ARM

Keil announced availability of its new MCB2103 evaluation board for the LPC2103 microcontroller from Royal Philips Electronics.

This new evaluation board provides a proven platform to easily evaluate the strengths of the feature-rich, ARM7TDMI processor- based LPC2103. The MCB2103 evaluation board integrates a serial port, JTAG port, 8 LEDS, lithium battery for maintaining the real-time clock and a potentiometer to generate analog voltage input. The Keil board, which can be powered from the USB port of a personal computer, also includes a prototyping area of 2.1" x 0.7" (55mm x 18mm), enabling developers to add their own hardware.

The MCB2103 evaluation board ships with a complete evaluation version of the PK-ARM Microcontroller toolchain including a uVision IDE, C compiler, assembler, debugger and MCU simulator. Several example software projects to exercise and evaluate the MCU are also included.

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